“Bitseller” short movie.

Concept art I did on “Bitseller” 3D short. On this project, I was in charge of the design of the world inside of the computer as well as the colour script for the overall short. Other works included some matte paintings of the house where the action takes place.

Bitseller short can be viewed here: http://fibabc.abc.es/videos/bitseller-2669.html

First approach of the canyon scene.

Memory room with bit slots on the ground.

Early ideas for the main character Bit.

First page of the colour script.

Second page of the colour script.

Waterfalls of 0 and 1 show the way to the Ram room.

Memory room turning on when the writer starts using his computer.

One of the many approaches to the inside of the computer.

The Ram room with its “brain” floating over a pixel lake.

Early approaches to the world within the computer.

Approaching the RAM room.

Façade of the writer´s house.

One of the matte paintings I did for the background, before it was blurred.

Another example of matte.

  • Date 2012

  • Type Concept Art, 3D, Animation, short.

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