Sumer is a short movie I worked on last year. Being part of this project I was responsible for:
_ the colour script.
_ the design of the SSW (Sumer Security Watch) cops and their weapons.
_ the design of the city, the Pyramid as well as various buildings in it (at early stages of development)
_ various concept backgrounds.
_ the design of the citizens of Sumer.

The original idea for the SSW was to create a surveillance cop that acted much like a ruthless predator. Therefore its intial shape was based on the velociraptors from Jurassic Park with a helmet that reminisces the one of an Alien.

In the end, MOCAP constraints and script needs led to a more human silhouette, but the helmet and overall costume remained unchanged.

In order to face the common sandstorms on a ravaged planet Earth, citizens of Sumer have developed ingenious ways of covering their noses and mouths, thus creating their own fashion.

One of the earliest concept backgrounds I did for the short. It helped us set the right mood for the journey Hermes was embarking on.

Early development for the lighting system in the streets of Sumer.

Old woman costume design.

Man costume design.

Woman costume design.

  • Date 2013

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